AI Bot

Use Atmosphere® SmartFlows Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to virtually assist customer interactions. Omnichannel AI Bots provide quick customer responses across multiple languages through bidirectional virtual conversations over voice or SMS. AI bots are commonly used to kick off initial interactions before sending customers (and data collected during the conversation) to an agent. For example, a customer could interact with a bot to provide basic information such as name, address, phone number, and then be passed to an agent to complete the transaction.


  • Improved customer experience.
  • Customer can self-service at any time.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Improved revenue.
  • Offerings can be modified to those most likely to be purchased by a customer.
  • Reduced agent handling time.

How it Works

  • Inbound call or SMS occurs
  • AI bot analyzes customer input based on call history, patterns, and profile
  • AI bot provides an appropriate response to the customer based on their query
  • Virtual conversation continues as appropriate to determine the specific customer need
  • Customer is routed to the correct information or best resource

Need some help getting started?

For more information about Atmosphere® AI bot capabilities check out the links below: