Abandoned Calls

This flow is ideal for companies that want to re-engage customers after they abandon calls.


Inbound API – The Inbound API trigger will initiate a flow when an API call is received.

Dial – Dial will call the numbers of customers provided by the Inbound API.

DTMF – Short for ‘Dual Tone — Multi-Frequency’, this represents the functionality that collects input from the phone keypad. This DTMF will collect whether a caller would like to proceed through text or voice.

Note: The configured audio for this action includes an SMS opt-in clause to ensure customers have agreed to SMS communications.

Switch – Switch will direct a caller to SMS if they would like to receive a text or Transfer if they would like to speak to a representative.

Menu Tree – Gives callers the option to receive a promotional offer through SMS or to be transferred to an agent.

SMS – Send an SMS.

Transfer – Transfer the caller to another department.

Play Audio – Play an audio file or use text-to-speech to communicate to your caller.

Hang Up – Flows that are phone calls need to properly end the call. There are no inputs, so simply drag the action onto the board and connect it to the end of the flow.