Inbound API

An Inbound API trigger allows a flow to be initiated from an external system. It can:

  • Trigger a flow from any event that can send a POST request over a REST API.
  • Use parameters in the request as variables to customize content or logic.

To trigger a SmartFlow via the REST API, make an HTTP POST request to:


Parameter Data Type Required? Description
flowId STRING Required A unique SmarFlow identifier found in the flow metadata section of SmartFlows. Select the flow Title for the Flow ID.
ANI STRING Required An e164 format number used as the destination number in outbound flow communications.
DNIS STRING Required An e164 format number used as the source number (e.g., Caller ID) in outbound flow communications.
other STRING   Other parameters can be passed into the request using a "$<>" format. When the parameter is referenced in the flow (i.e., $accountbalance), it will be substituted for the value that was sent in the request.

Response Codes

APIs in SmartFlows follow the standard response code format.

Response Code Description
202 Accepted
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden (or Unauthorized)
404 Not Found