API Basics

Keep these basics in mind and you’ll be set up for success with our APIs.

The Basics


Before starting, make sure your user profile is set to API access. You can make this change in the Customer Portal under User Management. Learn more here: API Authentication


All API calls require an authentication token. Learn more here: API Authentication

Content Type

All API POST requests require the content-type header set to application/json.


All API requests must be made with HTTPS.

The Formats

Long Code Format

  • Supply a long code (or telephone number) in E.164 format.
  • In the URL, the “+” of the E.164 format should be url-encoded as “%2B”.

Short Code and Alphanumeric Sender ID Format and Examples

  • Supply a short code or alphanumeric sender ID in the following format: {countrycode}-{code}
    • countrycode is the country code from where the shortcode or alphanumeric sender ID resides
    • code is the actual code
    • A USA short code (88888) would be 1-88888
    • A Colombia shortcode (12345) would be 57-12345
    • A Spain Alphanumeric Sender ID (Hello8) would be 34-Hello8


Legacy TLS version 1.1 and SSLv3 are not supported.