Collect DTMF

Collect DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) allows for a user to input a response using their key pad. As a caller presses a key in response to a prompt, a specific tone is made that the system understands.

Note: The functionality of this action is voice-related only.


Input Name Description
Termination Key The key a caller can press to indicate their response is complete. Currently # is the only Termination Key available.
Timeout The number of seconds a caller has to complete a valid key entry.
Number of Digits How many digits the caller must enter (e.g., 16 digits to enter a credit card number).
Enable Speech Rec Enable speech recognition so the caller can either press a digit or speak and the action will make a recording of their spoken response.

Note: If you want to offer the option for callers to either speak or press a digit, we recommend using thePress or Say (Preview) action rather than Collect DTMF.