Send SMS

The Send SMS action sends a text message. The functionality of this action is text-related only.

The Send SMS action on a blank board

The Send SMS action could be used to:

  • Reply to an Inbound Text received from a customer

  • Provide a verification code for authentication

  • Send a follow up message to gauge caller satisfaction following a help desk interaction


Available Variables

Available Variables are placeholders for information that are automatically determined based on the contents of your flow. For example, if your flow begins with an Inbound Call trigger, the caller’s phone number is stored as a $ANI variable. You can include sending a follow up SMS to the caller later in your flow by including the $ANI variable in the Send SMS action Inputs.

You can drag and drop the variables displayed in this section into the Inputs and Advanced fields.

Check out How to Use Variables in SmartFlows for more information.



This action needs configuration of the following items:

Input Name Description
Send To The phone number to send the text message to.
Send From The phone number the text message is sent from. You can only send messages from numbers owned by you in your account.
Message The content of the text message to be sent. You can use variables as shortcuts. For example, you can insert the date, day of the week, time, and so on.
Response Timeout (Seconds) The number of seconds the flow should wait for an SMS response to be delivered before proceeding to the next step in the flow.



Each Send SMS action includes two exit ports corresponding to the following outcomes:

  • On Success: The course of the flow if the SMS has been sent successfully (port 1)

  • On Failure to Send: The course of the flow if the SMS was not sent successfully and delivery failed (port 2)