CPaaS Portal Quick Start Guide


The CPaaS Portal is home to phone number ordering and management, account management, and access to CPaaS applications.

In the top-right corner, the drop-down list has options to view and manage your profile, view your plan details, and log out.

The drop-down menu in the top right corner of the portal, with options for My Account, My Companies, and Log Out

The navigation at the top of the page has everything you need to use the platform. You’ll see links to:

  • Home: Your welcome page with helpful documentation links
  • SmartFlows: Inbound communications automation
  • Engage: Outbound campaign communications
  • Insights: Analytics reports and dashboards
  • Numbers: Management and ordering for phone numbers and other messaging tools
  • Lists: Manage and add groups of records along with important data


The menu at the top of the portal


Your Very Own Phone Number

All accounts are automatically assigned a phone number right out of the box. You can use this to send campaigns using Engage, in applications that use the SMS API, and deployed SmartFlows. In the navigation at the top of the page, click Numbers. You can find your number in the Phone Number section of the My Numbers page.

The My Numbers page


Engage Your Audience with a Campaign

Use your new number to start engaging customers with simple voice and SMS notifications in Engage.

In the navigation at the top of the page, click Engage. The Campaigns page opens.

You need a .csv file with your contacts, including at least one Phone field. Click Add New Campaign to open the new campaign form and fill in your campaign details. Check out the Engage Quick Start Guide for more information.

A blank New Campaign form

When you finish building your campaign, select the number you ordered in the CPaaS Portal as the number you want to send your campaign from. Simple as that!

The field on the New Campaign form where your selected number will appear, with the magnifying glass button to the right

The Choose Number/Variable pop-up window


Receive Calls and Messages with a SmartFlow

With its drag-and-drop visual flow design canvas, SmartFlows is the most intuitive, low/no-code way to build new customer experiences and automate manual tasks.

In the navigation at the top of the page, click SmartFlows. The Flows page opens.

Click the blue plus sign button (above the table) to start building your first flow. You can start a flow from scratch or choose one of our pre-built templates to learn about how SmartFlows works.

View the status of a flow easily by checking for the green Deployed check next to the flow on the Flows page:

The Status column of the Flows page with the green checkmark icon and the blue padlock icon

If you change your mind later, go into the deployed flow and look for the Undeploy button. This will stop the flow, allowing you to use the assigned number for another flow.

The Save, Deploy, Clone, and Undeploy buttons at the top of the overall flow level Configurations Panel in SmartFlows

Check out the SmartFlows Quick Start Guide to get going!


Review CPaaS Data from Your Insights Dashboard

The menu at the top of the portal with the Insights menu option highlighted

Click Insights at the top of the page to open your analytics dashboards and reports, and view metrics related to your use of the CPaaS platform. For more information about how to use Insights, check out the Insights Quick Start Guide.


Integrate with the SMS Messaging API

All of our plans come with full access to the SMS API. This is a great way for those with technical chops to quickly start coding solutions that integrate SMS communications into applications and workflows.

Check out the links below to get started:

Using the SMS API from the CPaaS Portal

API Basics