Randomized Text Response

Invite customers to chat with your company in an exciting or comical way. Have customers text in a question like, “should I buy this?”, “what should I have for lunch?”, “where should I take my next vacation?”


Inbound SMS – The Inbound SMS trigger prepares the flow for a text.

External Web Call – Use an integer radomizer, like www.random.org, to send a random integer to SmartFlows.

  • Method: GET

  • URL: https://www.random.org/integers/num=1&min=1&max=12&col=1&base=10&format=plain&rnd=new

    Note: You can change the URL to the number of options you would like to send your user by changing the highlight “max” above.

Regex – Use Regex to strip the space in front of the number that is returned from www.random.org.

Note: This step may not be necessary if you use a different randomizer.

Switch – Determine which text to send the under based on what is returned from external web call.

SMS – Send an SMS.