Configurable Advanced IVR

This flow is ideal for companies that want to replicate or create a new IVR from scratch. After dialing in, callers are given three options to choose from.


Inbound Call – The Inbound Call trigger prepares the flow for a call.

Menu Tree – Give options to the caller about what they could be calling in about. Each port corresponds with the number key that the caller selects.

  • Option 1 leads to DTMF and then a Transfer to a department of choice.
  • Option 2 directly transfers to another department.
  • Option 3 transfers calls based on Day of the Week.

DTMF – Short for ‘Dual Tone — Multi-Frequency’, this represents the functionality that collects input from the phone keypad. E.g., “to speak to a representative, press 1.” Or, “to hear our hours of operation, press 2.”

Switch – Analyze if a variable equals a certain value or not. The first condition that is true is the path that the flow will continue through. In this flow, Switch will direct the caller to a specific follow-up action based on what DTMF was collected.

TransferTransfer the caller to another department.

Day of the Week – Direct a caller based on what day it is.

Hang Up – Flows that are phone calls need to properly end the call. There are no inputs, so simply drag the action onto the board and connect it to the end of the flow.