Detect Langauge (beta)

Powered by the IBM Watson Language API, the Detect Language action detects the language of a text message. You can then use the Translate action to translate the text into another language.

Note: The functionality of this action is text-related only.


Input Name Description

The message to detect the language of. Drag the variable where the text is stored into this field.

For example, an incoming text message would be stored in the ISMS action's variable $ISMS_x.message.


The Detect Language action creates several variables. These variables can be used later on in a flow through the SMS, External Web Call, Dial action, or more.

Variable Name Description
$DETECTLANG_#.responsebody Entire response from Watson Language API.
$DETECTLANG_#.statuscode Code that indicates the status of the API response (i.e., 200 = success, 404 = not found, 403 = forbidden).
$DETECTLANG_#.response.languages[0] The language that was returned by the Detect Language API which can be used to translate to English or another language.