Translate (beta)

The Translate action translates text from the language of the original text into a different language. You can use this action with the Detect Langauge (beta) action.

Note: The functionality of this action is text-related only.


Input Name Description
Source Language The original language of the text.
Target Language The language to translate the text into. Click here to see what languages are supported.
Text/Message The text to be translated. To detect the language of an incoming SMS, select the variable of the Inbound SMS action and drag it into this field.


The Translate action creates the following variables to be used and evaluated in the rest of the flow:

Variable Name Description
$TRANSLATE_#.responsebody The entire response from the API.
$TRANSLATE_#.statuscode The code that indicates the status of the API response (200= success, 404 = not found, 403 = forbidden)
$TRANSLATE_#.response.languages[0].language The language that was returned by the Detect Language API.