Understanding the Messaging Dashboard

The Insights Messaging Dashboard is where you find all your SMS messaging data. The dashboard is comprised of 10 widgets. A widget is an object in the viewing area that displays a chart, KPI, table, etc. Below you can find sample pictures of the dashboard with numbers associated to each visualization, and a corresponding description. For more information on terms used in this dashboard, check out the Insights Glossary.


  1. Total Messages – KPI that displays all text messages sent and received over the time frame chosen.
  2. Messages Sent – KPI that displays the total text messages sent over the time frame chosen.
  3. Messages Received – KPI that displays the total text messages received over the time frame chosen.
  4. Messages Sent/Received & Average Message Size by Day – Chart that summarizes total text messages sent, received, and average message size by date over the time frame chosen. This is meant to help identify patterns and potential issues.

  1. Messages Sent and Received & Average Message Size by Weekday – This chart is similar to #4, however it displays average messaging data over a given day of the week. For example, if the time frame you select is ‘Last 30 Days’ this chart will display the average sent, received, & size of messages over each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc).

Note: If you chose a time frame like ‘Last 7 days’ or shorter, there’s nothing to average, and this chart will display similar data to #4.

  1. Messages by Number Type – This is a breakdown of total messages by number type (i.e. long code, short code, alphanumeric, etc).
    • For a list and description of the different number types associated with messaging, check out the Data Dictionary - Messaging Dashboard.
  1. Message Processing Status by Day – describes the final status of messages that were processed by the IntelePeer platform.
  2. Message Processing Errors by Day – Attribution of message failures. For example, if there was an error executing the send API or if there was an incorrectly configured webhook that caused inbound messages to fail.

  1. Top 10 Numbers by Messages Sent – This table shows the top ten “from” numbers (i.e. your numbers) that have sent outbound messages, based on message volume.
  2. Top 10 Numbers by Messages Received – This table shows the top ten “to” numbers (your numbers) that have received inbound messages based on message volume.

Check out the Understanding the Voice Services Dashboard and Understanding the SmartFlows Dashboard pages to learn more about other dashboards.