How to Refresh Your Data

Last Refresh Time

If you look to the left of the Time Zone and Settings gear icon, you can see when the dashboard was last refreshed. In this example the dashboard was just refreshed.

Data Refresh Rates

Messaging and SmartFlows Dashboards

Every time a user accesses the Messaging or SmartFlows dashboards or clicks the Run button, the data is refreshed. The only thing to note here is that records within our database are batch-loaded on a 5 to 8 minute schedule. This means if you refresh a dashboard at 8AM the data you see is current up to 7:52AM.

Voice Dashboard

Regular data refreshes for the Voice dashboard occur from 8AM to 8PM EST on an hourly basis. Outside of those hours, dashboard data is refreshed on an on-demand basis, meaning when you open that dashboard.

Note: During regular refresh hours, voice data is refreshed every hour.

For example, at the 8AM EST refresh time, you should expect to see new data by about 8:05AM as refreshes take a few minutes to run. All data at that time should reflect all voice calls that were completed prior to refresh execution (8AM in the example above). The next data refresh would occur at 9:00AM completing by 9:05AM at the latest.

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