List Lookup

The List Lookup action allows you to lookup one or more fields from a list.

The List Lookup action on a blank board

The List Lookup action could be used to:

  • Identify a customer's first name and personalize a follow up SMS

  • Determine a customer's address and tailor appointment options based on nearby locations

  • Figure out a customer's age and present customized health care options based on age group


Check out the video below to learn more about how you might configure this action within your flow.


Available Variables

Available Variables are placeholders for information that are automatically determined based on the contents of your flow. For example, if your flow begins with an Inbound Call trigger, the caller’s phone number is stored as a $ANI variable. You can include sending a follow up SMS to the caller later in your flow by including the $ANI variable in the Send SMS action Inputs.

You can drag and drop the variables displayed in this section into the Inputs and Advanced fields.

Check out How to Use Variables in SmartFlows for more information.



Note: Before configuring this action you must have a list added to the List Management page. We recommend having the List Name and exact field name(s) on hand.


Input Name Description
Select List* Select the list you want to lookup from the dropdown options. *This is a required field.
Select Lookup Field Select a specific list field (i.e., column header) to lookup from the dropdown options.
Select Lookup Value Include a specific value to be found in the lookup field.
Look for exact match

If this check box is selected, an exact match will be found based on your Lookup Value.

Note: If this check box is not selected, the first partial match in your list will be found.


Values to Return

Fields returned from your list can be mapped to a specified variable name. Enter the variable on the left and the exact field name on the right.

To add a new variable mapping, click the blue plus sign.



Each List Lookup action includes two exit ports corresponding to the following outcomes:

  • On Match Found: The course of the flow if the selected List, Lookup Field, and Lookup Value are found and data is returned (port 1)

  • On No Match Found: The course of the flow if the selected List, Lookup Field, and Lookup Value are not found and no data is returned (port 2)

An action must be connected to each of the exit ports to deploy your flow and the port order cannot be rearranged.


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