Trivia Promo

Interact with your customers in a way that keeps you at the top of their mind and adds a bit of fun to your relationship. Encourage your customers to text or call in the answer to a trivia question and automate their reward. There could be a sign in your store asking a trivia question with the option to text in, or you can use Atmosphere® Engage to send out your trivia.


Inbound SMS – The Inbound SMS trigger prepares the flow for a text.

Condition – Split the flow based on the content of the message received.

  • Variable: Select what you would like to evaluate. In this case, it is the incoming SMS so select ISMS_1.message.

  • Condition: Decide how you would like to evaluate the variable you’ve selected. Since we’re searching for a particular keyword or answer, select “Contains”.

  • Value: Enter the keyword or answer you’re looking for.

SMS – Send an SMS.