The Campaign action prepares a flow to be triggered by an Engage campaign.

The Campaign trigger action on a blank board

Use this action to elevate an Engage campaign with additional elements or validations. For example, you could include a Condition action after the Campaign trigger that determines if your campaign recipients are new or existing customers and then send a different SMS based on which group they belong to.


First build and deploy your flow with the Campaign trigger, then create and publish a custom campaign linked to the flow. Each time your Engage campaign runs, the flow will automatically begin.



Input Name Description
Expected Input

The inputs your are expecting to receive from the Engage campaign.

For example, if a list in Engage had a FIRSTNAME field, $FIRSTNAME can be used in the expected inputs field. This creates a $FIRSTNAME variable to be used throughout the flow and auto-populates with the first name accordingly.

If you have more than one Expected Input, use the + sign to add more Inputs as needed.