Executing SmartFlows from an External Source

The Inbound API is a SmartFlows trigger that allow you to execute a flow from any source that can send a POST request to a REST API.

This tutorial will cover the creation of a SmartFlow that you can execute from an external business system.


  • An Atmosphere® SmartFlows account.
  • cURL or PostMan to test the API Endpoint (Optional).

Creating Your SmartFlow

  1. Log in to your Atmosphere® account through the IntelePeer CPaaS Portal (https://atmosphere.intelepeer.com).
  2. Select SmartFlows from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Create a new SmartFlow using the blue plus sign button and selecting New Flow.

  1. Add an Inbound API trigger to your flow.
  2. Add additional actions and logic to create your automation.
  3. Click Save and Deploy your flow.

  1. Note the Flow ID. This value will be needed later.

Executing Your SmartFlow

Configure your external system to execute the SmartFlows API.

URL: https://smart-flows.intelepeer.com/v2/api/apitriggers


Header Parameters

Parameter Value Description
Content-Type application/json Header used to indicate the media type of the resource


Parameter Data Type Required Description
flowId STRING Required A unique global identifier for a SmartFlow found in the flow metadata section of SmartFlows.
ANI STRING Required An e164 format number used as the destination number in outbound communications in your flow (e.g., +17205551212).
DNIS STRING Required An e164 format number used as the source number (e.g. caller ID) in outbound communications in your flow (e.g., +17205551212). For Security purposes, this number must be a number already associated with your account.
other STRING  

Additional parameters that should be passed to the SmartFlow as part of the API POST.

Examples include: Account Number, Reference Numbers, Email Address, or Customer Name

Response Codes

The following response codes will be returned from the SmartFlows API.

Response Code Description
202 Accepted
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden (or Unauthorized)
404 Not Found

Testing Your SmartFlow

To test your SmartFlow from cURL or PostMan, execute the following command:

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“flowId”:”<Enter the ID for your Flow”, ANI":"123456789", “DNIS”:”” }’ https:// smart-flows.intelepeer.com/v2/api/apitriggers