SMS Message Management

Base URL:

To use the APIs, you must have an SMS-capable number associated with your CPaaS Portal account. If you are on a Starter account, use your Starter number or contact us to order a new SMS-enabled number, short code, or alphanumeric sender ID.

For information on accessing SMS from the Customer Portal, check out the SMS Messaging Quick Start Guide.

Generate Authentication Token

To use any of the IntelePeer APIs, you must access the IntelePeer Authentication API to generate a token. This API requires your CPaaS Portal credentials (the username and password used to sign up for your CPaaS account).

For more information on receiving your token, check out API Authentication.

Use the SMS APIs

The API URLs and their corresponding documentation are below. These URLs are referenced in the table below next to the corresponding API functionality.

Note: While the documentation is the same, the API URL is different for users in the CPaaS Portal.

Functionality API URL More Information
Send SMS POST /_rest/v4/app/sms/send See Sending SMS Messages
Receive SMS POST /_rest/v4/my/did/sms/webhook See Receiving SMS Messages
Check Message Status GET /_rest/v4/app/sms/mdr See Checking Message Status