Campaign Management

Use this endpoint to enumerate all of your campaigns in Engage.

Endpoint and Methods

GET /_rest/v2​/campaigns



Authorization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Content-Type: application/json

Field Type Description
Authorization String Authorization token (for more information, see Atmosphere® API Authentication)
Content-Type String application/json


Error Name Type Description
code Integer Error code
error String Error description


Sample Responses

Code 200 Response

Response code 200 returns a list of campaign objects.

"listRel": [
 "location": "US",
 "_id": "5cf02630e313d620ca9743e4",
 "campaignName": "testing ethel",
 "campaignDescription": "",
 "callerIdentification": "+13122735567",
 "startDate": "2019-06-26T00:00:00.000Z",
 "endDate": "2019-06-29T00:00:00.000Z",
 "active": 1,
 "numAttempts": 1,
 "appId": "5cf02606b4623d6a23167b23",
 "runNow": false,
 "modifiedDate": "2019-06-26T19:58:00.871Z",
 "modifiedBy": "ethel",
 "customerId": "9999999",
 "createdDate": "2019-05-30T18:51:28.963Z",
 "createdBy": "ethel",
 "deleteFlag": flase,
 "lastExecuted": "",
 "scheduled": "5d13bfcd4c36cca2d46a0a8d",
 "retryInterval": 0,
 "flowId": "5bef29e1c5480c40e2ab4ef0",
 "timezone": "(CET) - mainterritory of Spain"

Code 401 Response

Response code 401 returns an error that the authorization token is invalid.

"message": "string",
"status": 401

Code 500 Response

Response code 500 returns an error when trying to retrieve a list of your campaigns.

"message": "Something went wrong during the listing of a customer's campaigns",
"status": 500