List Management APIs

This guide describes the APIs available to automatically create and manage lists. Using these APIs you can:



Lists used within Engage campaigns and SmartFlows are manually uploaded and managed through the Lists menu option at the top of the CPaaS Portal or the List Management application within the Customer Portal, but you can also automate List Management features through our APIs.


Getting Started

Before you begin using these APIs make sure you've obtained an authentication token.

Note: List Management APIs only work with the longstanding token associated with CPaaS Portal accounts. The 24 hour token available through Customer Portal accounts will not work with the List Management APIs.

The authentication token must always be preceded by the word "Bearer" (e.g., "Authorization: Bearer {token}").


Check out the API Basics page to learn more about basic requirements for using the List Management APIs.

Note: For all requests Content-Type and Accept headers must be in JSON format.


Base URL

All of the following endpoints share the same base URL: (e.g., POST/

Note: The current version is v1 (e.g., POST/rest/v1/my/list).


List Management APIs

Click on the APIs below to view the parameters and code samples associated with each endpoint.