Percent Routing

Percent Routing routes calls based on percentages of callers. You can use this to prevent the overload of incoming calls to actions later on in the flow. If you have multiple contact centers, you can select what percentage of calls go to each center.

For example, when Percent Routing is configured with 50/50 allocation, SmartFlows will route half of the traffic down one path and half down the other half.

Note: The functionality of this action can be voice- or text-related.


To add a percentage, click +. You can add up to 10 percentage routes.


Enter a number for the percentage. The total of percentages must equal 100%.

As you add routing percentages, another exit port is added to the action.

You can edit any percentage by clicking the blue edit icon next to the rule, and you can delete by clicking the trash icon next to the rule. This will return the allocation to a default of 100, which is functionally the same as if there were no percent routing.

Note: You can also add a 0% value allocation as a placeholder for routing contingency events (e.g., Disaster Recovery).

Exit Ports


After setting one or more percentages, Percent Routing allocates the remaining percentages to the "Default".

Note: All percentages must add up to 100%.

Each Percentage The actions to connect to for the flow to continue through this percentage of routing.