Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Self-Service Guide

IntelePeer is your one-stop shop for reliable voice communications, direct routing, and Dynamic 911 capabilities for Microsoft Teams and multiple customer deployment types.

This guide is intended to walk you through the complete process of setting up Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing. It covers prerequisites you must complete in your Microsoft Teams Tenant, information on how to provision your telephone numbers in IntelePeer's Customer Portal, and how to use IntelePeer's iPilot portal to pair your Microsoft Teams Tenant with the hosted session border controller (SBC). In this way, you can seamlessly upload and manage your telephone numbers and users without the need to run PowerShell scripts.

Note: These steps should be performed by an individual who has familiarity with Microsoft Teams and at minimum is certified as a Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate.

For further reading, check out Setting Up Microsoft Teams Dynamic 911 Direct Routing with IntelePeer and IntelePeer Dynamic 911 Location Routing.

Note: If have chosen the IntelePeer Operator Connect service, check out the Activating Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and Uploading Microsoft Teams Numbers for Operator Connect topics.