Two Factor Authentication

Use this app to send an authentication token to your customers via SMS.

The Two Factor Authentication tile in the Marketplace

The Two Factor Authentication app provides an additional layer of security, confirming the customer’s identity. You could use this app during sign in to authenticate a user’s identity before they log into your platform.


At a high level, this app functions according to the following steps:

  • A customer logging in to your platform kicks off the process. They are prompted to enter a token.

  • Your platform sends an API request to IntelePeer. The request tells IntelePeer what phone number to send the SMS to and what the authentication token is.

  • IntelePeer sends an SMS with the token to your customer.

  • The customer submits their token and is successfully authenticated.



  1. Set your API Key: Enter an API token in the text box.

    • This can be whatever you want, but you’ll need to match it later in your API request.

  2. Select the SMS Number: Assign the phone number the SMS will be sent from.

    • Click the magnifying glass icon to open your Number Inventory, click on the number you would like to use, then click Ok.

  3. Configure your Message: Add the content of your SMS to the text box.

    • Make sure to include the variable “$TOKEN” within the body of your message as a placeholder for the unique authentication token your customer will receive. For example, “This is your one-time verification code from Acme Company: $TOKEN”.

    • As an industry best practice, we recommend using 6 characters in your token.

After your Two Factor Authentication app is configured and you click Deploy, wait about five minutes for your app to be fully deployed and ready to use. Then you can start sending API requests.


API Request

You must configure an API request from your platform to IntelePeer, that is initiated whenever a customer attempts to log in.


Make an HTTP POST request to:


Include the API Key you added during step 1 of the app configuration in the Authorization header.


In JSON format, include the following fields:

  • flowId: This is an automatically generated identifier, unique to each app. On the Installed Apps tab, find your configured Two Factor Authentication app in the table, then select “View Flow ID” from the Select Action drop-down list.

  • TN: This is the phone number for the customer who will receive the token.

  • TOKEN: This is the value that will replace the $TOKEN variable in your message.



    "flowId": "623cf4a446f82919937251a1",
    "TN": "+13172611122",
    "TOKEN": "3531361"


If your request is successful, you will receive a Code 200 response.