Payment Processing Connector

This guide describes how to purchase and configure the low-code Payment Processing Connector app from the Marketplace. Learn more about:



Use this app to set up secure payments over the phone.

The Payment Processor application tile within the marketplace

The low-code Payment Processing Connector app allows you to add a Smart Function action for secure credit card payments to a new or existing flow within SmartFlows. A Smart Function action is one simple configurable action that takes the place of dozens of actions, operating like a short cut.

To use the Payment Processing Smart Function action, you just need to drag and drop it into your flow and configure a few inputs.

The Payment Processor Smart Function on the SmartFlows board


Before You Begin

You'll need to have a few elements in place prior to configuring a Payment Processing Smart Function action:

  • A Slim CD Credit Card Merchant Account: Slim CD is the processor for secure payments and you must have a Credit Card Merchant Account set up to use the Payment Processing action. If you have an existing Slim CD account you’re good to go! Or, follow the steps below to create one.

  • A flow within SmartFlows: Low-code apps like Payment Processing Connector are implemented within SmartFlows workflows. You can add the app to a new or existing flow. For a new flow, we recommend planning out the details of your workflow before you begin building. Check out the SmartFlows 101 page for more tips and details.


Slim CD Account Activation

If you don’t already have a Slim CD Credit Card Merchant Account, you can create one and be onboarded through a few different routes:

  • Work with the Slim CD team: We recommend contacting Slim CD directly to set up your account and mitigate any potential issues or delays. You can also call Slim CD if you have any questions or would like to schedule a training call. Call 877-475-4623 or email

  • Work with the IntelePeer Managed Services team: The IntelePeer Managed Services team can help you navigate the account creation and onboarding processes, in partnership with the Slim CD team. Call 866-780-8639 or email

  • DIY: You can also enter your data directly here to activate your account. Work with your merchant processor to complete the onboarding process. We don’t recommend this route as data may be entered incorrectly and that could result in delayed onboarding.


Once your account information is provided, Slim CD creates your credentials and sends the API credentials to you and IntelePeer.

Note: Make note of your Slim CD API credentials as you will need that information later for SmartFlows configuration.


Purchase the App

Once you have a Slim CD Credit Card Merchant Account and know how you will include the Payment Processing action in your flow, you’re ready to buy the app.

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace.

  2. Click the Buy button on the Payment Processing Connector tile, then Confirm Purchase.

  3. Once the “Purchased” ribbon appears on the tile, your Smart Function action is ready to use in SmartFlows.

    Note: Now that you’ve purchased the app, you can use the Payment Processing action as many times, and in as many flows, as needed. You will be billed the app price monthly.


SmartFlows Configurations

A flow represents the overall journey that your caller experiences, and actions are the building blocks of that journey. Add the Payment Processing Smart Function action to your flow and customize the configurations to fit your business needs.


  1. Create a new flow or open an existing flow.

    Note: The Payment Processing Connector app can only be used within a voice flow, so your flow must begin with the Inbound Call trigger action.

  2. From the Smart Functions section of the Actions Menu, drag and drop the Payment Processing action into your flow.

    The Actions menu with the Payment Processing Smart Function highlighted

    Note: If you haven’t already purchased the Payment Processing Connector app (as described above) this action will not be visible in SmartFlows.

  3. In the Configurations Panel on the right, set up the available Inputs:

    • Assign a value to the following variables:

      • $Audio__Channel_ID: The action ID associated with your Inbound Call trigger action. When you drop an action onto the board the action ID is automatically assigned to it and appears above the action (typically this would be "1").

      • $SlimCD_Username: The API credential created during Slim CD account enrollment.

      • $Test_Mode: True or false. If you want to test out your flow before making it available to customers, you can set the Value for this variable as "true". Set the variable value to "false" once you're done testing your flow.

      • $Final_Payment: The caller's total charge.

      • $Client_Reference_ID: The reference ID tied to this payment (e.g., order number from a database call).

      • $Fees: Any payment fee you want to include for over the phone credit card payments.

    • Click the blue edit button to the left of each variable. The Variable Name and Value fields appear.

      The Inputs section of the Configurations Panel for a Payment Processor action

    • Enter the appropriate data in the Value field and click Save.

    • Repeat for all variables.

      Note: You must include a Value for each variable.

  4. Connect follow up actions to the Payment Processing exit ports, as needed.

    • Each exit port corresponds to the following outcomes:

      • 2001 - Max Retries

      • 2002 - Technical Difficulties

      • 2003 - Duplicate Transaction

      • 2004 - Unknown Payment Status

      • 2005 - Error

      • 2006 - Declined

      • 2007 - Approved

      • 2008 - Default

    • At minimum, for the Approved course of the flow we recommend including a follow up transaction record sent back to your system of record to note the payment.

    • You can also include other paths the flow will take if the payment is not successful. For example, should the customer be routed to a customer service helpdesk if there is an Error with their credit card? Then connect a Transfer action to that exit port.

  5. Save and Deploy your flow.



  • Remember the Payment Processing action is voice related only so your flow must begin with the Inbound Call trigger action.

  • If you’re having trouble setting up the Slim CD Credit Card Merchant Account or setting up your flow, we recommend reaching out to the IntelePeer Managed Services team. Call 866-780-8639 or email

  • You can always make updates to your flow after it’s initially deployed. If you do make changes, make sure to Save and click Deploy again, so that the most updated version is available.


For more detailed information about the Marketplace or SmartFlows, check out: