Integrate Marketplace Apps and SmartFlows

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When you use Marketplace apps and SmartFlows together, you can build smarter apps and more complex workflows. Within SmartFlows you can create and customize workflows representing the overall journey your customer experiences. Flows are made up of individual actions, the building blocks of that journey. Pairing Marketplace apps with SmartFlows unlocks greater flexibility and customization capabilities. If you are using SmartFlows with a no-code app, you can fine tune your app and append additional steps tailored to your specific needs. If you are using SmartFlows with a low-code app, you can skip a few steps with a turbo charged action which provides greater complexity with a fraction of the required configurations.


Using Marketplace Apps and SmartFlows Together

No-Code Apps

The advantage of our no-code apps is that you can hit the ground running after making just a few selections. But you can also take your no-code app to the next level by opening it in SmartFlows. By "unhooking" your app in SmartFlows, you can see all the configurations your selected in the Marketplace represented by actions on the board (and their respective configurations). You can then troubleshoot your app in the event of an issue, customize your app to better fit your business needs, or add on additional functionality.


Once your app is deployed, you can "unhook" and customize it in SmartFlows.

  1. Navigate to the Installed Apps tab.

  2. From the Select Action drop-down list to the right of your app, click Advanced Customization.

  3. On the Advanced Customization pop-up, confirm the "Copy and customize in SmartFlows (unhook)" Method is selected and edit the Title field as needed.

    Note: The Title is the name that will be assigned to your copy in the Marketplace and the flow in SmartFlows. By default, the assigned name is in the format "{Marketplace App Name}_cloned" but you can assign a more descriptive name.

  4. Click Copy, and then Continue on the success message.

  5. A new row appears at the top of the Installed Apps tab with the Title you assigned in the Name column.

  6. Click the Manage in SmartFlows button on the right.

  7. The Flows page opens and a new row appears at the top of the table with the Title you assigned in the Flow column. Click on the row.

  8. The Flow Editor opens. From here you can view and edit all the actions that make up your app, or add more actions to the flow to further customize the experience.

  9. Save and Deploy your flow once you customization is complete.


Low-Code Apps

Low-code Marketplace apps provide seamless integration with SmartFlows by allowing you to create a custom action, or Smart Function. A Smart Function is one configurable action that takes the place of dozens of actions, operating like a short cut.

By simplifying and streamlining your workflow, low-code apps allow you to build smarter, more complex workflows in minutes.


When you purchase a low-code Marketplace app, a special Smart Function action becomes available in SmartFlows. Add the Smart Function action to your flow and customize the configurations to fit your business needs.

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace.

  2. Buy your low-code app.

  3. Navigate to SmartFlows.

  4. Create a new flow or open an existing flow.

  5. From the Smart Functions section of the Actions Menu, drag and drop the appropriate action into your flow.

    The Actions menu within SmartFlows, with the Smart Functions section highlighted

  6. In the Configurations Panel on the right, update the available Inputs.

    On the left the Payment Processor Smart Function action is selected on the board and on the right the Configurations Panel for that action is shown

  7. Connect follow up actions to the Smart Function exit ports, as needed.

  8. Save and Deploy your flow.

And you're done!



  • You can add the Smart Functions to a new or existing flow, but some (for example, Payment Processing) are only voice related so your flow must be triggered by the Inbound Call action. Check out the specific low-code app page for more information.

  • You can always make updates to your flow after it’s initially deployed. If you do make changes, make sure to Save and click Deploy again, so that the most updated version is available.

  • If you’re having trouble setting up your flow, we recommend reaching out to the IntelePeer Managed Services team. Call 866-780-8639 or email


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