Marketplace Quick Start Guide

This guide describes how to build and manage applications available within the Marketplace. Learn more about:



From the Marketplace you can build a-la-carte applications in minutes. Configure no-code or low-code apps built on our CPaaS platform to upgrade your enterprise communications experience. Marketplace applications can be tailored to your specific business needs, just by answering a few simple questions, and immediately deployed.


Getting Started

Once you’re ready to configure an app, log in to your account through the Customer Portal (

The Marketplace icon within the My Applications section

Under My Applications, click Marketplace. The Marketplace automatically opens on the My Applications tab.

Note: You must have the new Standard CPaaS plan activated to access the Marketplace.


Configure an Application

Both no-code and low-code options appear on the My Applications tab.

No-code apps can be used to hit the ground running with our CPaaS offerings. Just following along with the wizard to make a few selections and you’re ready to go.

Low-code apps are a bit more robust and provide easy integration with SmartFlows. Purchase your app, drag and drop the Smart Function into a new or existing flow, and configure the action inputs to meet your business needs.

Available Marketplace applications include:

Check out the linked pages above for more information about each application and the associated configurations.


No-Code Apps

Once you decide which app you’d like to configure first:

  1. Click Configure on the applicable tile option. The app wizard opens.

  2. Follow the steps to tailor the app to your particular business needs.

    • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page at any time to preserve your selections.

  3. Once you’ve made a selection or filled in each option, click Deploy.

  4. Next, you have the option to assign a number from your existing inventory to the app. This is the number a customer dials to interact with the app. Click Yes on the assign phone number pop-up and the Manage Numbers window opens.

    • Here you can browse or search for a specific number from your inventory. If a number was previously assigned to another app, the app name appears in the Inbound Voice or Inbound SMS column.

  5. Click the toggle to the far right of the number you want to assign to your new app. Then Close the window.

Your app is now live and can be used immediately!

We recommend calling or texting the assigned number(s) to test your app out and confirm it is working as expected.


Low-Code Apps

  1. Buy your low-code app.

  2. Navigate to SmartFlows.

  3. Create a new flow or open an existing flow.

  4. From the Smart Functions section of the Actions Menu, drag and drop the appropriate action into your flow.

  5. In the Configurations Panel on the right, update the available Inputs.

  6. Connect follow up actions to the Smart Function exit ports, as needed.

  7. Save and Deploy your flow.

And you're done! Again, we recommend calling or texting the assigned number(s) to test your flow out and confirm it is working as expected.

For more details, check out the Integrate Marketplace Apps and SmartFlows page.


Installed Applications

All of your configured no-code apps appear on the Installed Apps tab. You’ll see apps configured by you or anyone else on your account within the table.

The Installed tab of the Marketplace with one installed application visible in the table

Here you can search for a specific app, assign a number to an app, or use the Select Action drop-down list to update or view information about your flow.


Search for an App

Use the search box at the top of the page to find a specific app. You can only search by the app Name.


Assign a Number from Your Inventory to an App

Click the Manage Numbers button for the appropriate app to assign a number from your inventory to the app.

The Manage Numbers window

Just click the toggle to the far right of the number you want to assign to the app.

Check out Assign a Phone Number to an App for more details, and Managing and Using Numbers in the IntelePeer Customer Portal for more information about your number inventory.


Select an Action

From the Select Action drop-down list you can perform advanced customization, configure your app, rename your app, delete an app you created, view the documentation associated with the type of app, or view the Flow ID assigned an app.

  • Advanced Customization: Copy an app into SmartFlows or create a copy in the Marketplace. Select the appropriate option from the Method drop-down list, then edit the Title as needed (by default the assigned name will follow the format “{Marketplace App Name}_cloned”).

    • If you select the “Copy and customize in SmartFlows (unhook)” option, a new row appears at the top of the Installed Apps tab with the title you elected to use. You will see “Copied for Advanced Customization” in the Status column and you can click the Manage in SmartFlows button to open the Flows page within SmartFlows in a new tab.

    • On the Flows page, your new flow will appear at the top of the table. Using the content and settings you configured in the Marketplace as a starting point, you can then customize the flow by adding more actions, updating the configurations, etc. You can also use this flow to troubleshoot your app if you are experiencing an issue.

    Note: If you delete the cloned app row on the Installed Apps tab, the related flow in SmartFlows will also automatically be deleted. The opposite is the same (if you delete the cloned flow in SmartFlows, the cloned app line on the Installed Apps tab will also be deleted), but if you delete the original app, the clones will not be deleted.

    • If you select the “Copy as a new app on the Marketplace” option, a new row appears at the top of the Installed Apps tab with the title your elected to use. All of the app configurations are the same as the original app, but you will need to click the Manage Numbers button and assign a number to it before the app can be used.

  • Configure App: Update the app configurations.

  • Rename App: Change the Name label for the app.

  • Delete App: You can only delete an app you created, otherwise this option is greyed out.

  • Documentation: View the documentation page for that type of app.

  • View Flow ID: A pop-up window appears with the Flow ID associated with your app. This is an automatically generated identifier, unique to each app.


Integrating with SmartFlows

Low-code Marketplace apps provide seamless integration with SmartFlows by allowing you to create a custom action, or Smart Function. A Smart Function is one configurable action that takes the place of dozens of actions, operating like a short cut.

By simplifying and streamlining your workflow, low-code apps allow you to build smarter, more complex workflows in minutes.


For more information, check out the Integrate Marketplace Apps and SmartFlows page.