Looking Up Zendesk Tickets by User ID

To look up Zendesk tickets by User ID, you need the following:

Generate a Zendesk API Token

Complete Zendesk’s tutorial on generating a new API token. Your Zendesk API token will be needed in future steps.

Update Your SmartFlow

  1. Add an External Web Call action to your flow.
  2. Configure the action as follows:

    USER NAME: {Zendesk Username}/token

    PASSWORD: Your Zendesk API Token


    URL OF SERVICE: {Zendesk instance name}.zendesk.com/api/v2/requests/search.json?requester_id={user id}

    CONTENT-TYPE: application/json

  3. Configure the RESPONSE VARIABLES to capture the ticket information. For more information, check out the Zendesk Requests support page.

  1. Save and Deploy your flow.