Pricing Details

  • WhatsApp is free to access the integration and charged on usage (per message cost).
  • Template per message charges are destination country specific. The * denotes that rates vary by country for these message types.
  • Session Messages are any messages sent and received in response to a user-initiated message to your application during the Customer Care Window.
Number Set Up $100 per number (one-time fee)
Session Messages $0.005 per message
Template Messages $0.005 per message
Template Message Charge* This fee is destination country specific

Message Price

Standard Messaging Charge ($0.005) + Template Message Charge

* This is a fee charged by WhatsApp/Facebook. If a Template Message is sent during the Customer Care Window for a specific messaging session, the business will not be charged the additional Template Messaging charge. To see country-specific pricing, check out WhatsApp Pricing documentation.

Note: Template Messages are not currently available through IntelePeer. For this current phase, to initiate a conversation, you would need to initiate the conversation via another channel (email, SMS, etc.).