Querying Smartsheet Values

To query Smartsheet values, you need the following:

Configure Smartsheet

  1. Select Apps and Integrations… from the menu under your Profile.

  1. Select API Access from the Personal Settings menu.
  2. Click the Generate new access token button.
  3. Name your token and click OK.

  1. Your Smartsheet API token appears. Please note this value for future use.

Determine Your Smartsheet ID

To retrieve or modify the contents of your Smartsheet, you need to determine the ID of the Smartsheet.

  1. Open your Smartsheet.
  2. Select File > Properties.
  3. Note the Sheet ID in the Properties window. It will be referenced in the steps below.

Update Your SmartFlow

Note: Each column in a Smartsheet is represented as an ID. These IDs are needed to make inserts or updates at higher frequencies.

  1. Add an External Web Call action to your flow.
  2. Configure the action as follows:

    • CONTENT-TYPE: application/json

    • AUTHENTICATION: Bearer {Your API Token Value}


    • URL OF SERVICE: https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/search/sheets/{Smartsheet ID}?query=

    • RESPONSE VARIABLE: (add one entry for each column you want to capture)

      • Name: RowID
      • Query Expression: result.[0].objectID

  1. When the flow is activated, it will return the row where your value is located.