SMS Admin Page

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The Lightning application shows all the available actions with it’s related Flow Id, Active status, and Phone number. The Admin can create a new action and delete and edit existing records.

These actions are being used to send messages to contacts.

  • Admins can see all the available actions and its related data.
  • Admins can create new Action.
  • Admins can edit individual record by clicking the respective edit icon.
  • Admins can delete individual record by clicking the respective delete icon.
  • Admins can edit all the record at once by clicking on the ‘Edit All’ button.
  • Admins can Input new Action details and click Save to create new Action with the given details.

    Smoke Test

SL# Use Cases Steps to Test Test Cases Expected Result Actual Result
1 Action Creation

1.Click on the ‘Create New Action’ Button.

2.Give the following Data Action Name=’testing’,Phone Number=’2345678′,Flow id=’vdgh63ghdfdfd’,Active =true

3.Click on ‘Save

After clicking on the Save button a record gets created in ‘custom settings' with given data. A record should be created in the custom settings with the given data. A custom setting record got created successfully with the input data.
2 Delete an Action Click on the delete icon of the Action you want to delete. After clicking on the delete button the Action gets deleted in ‘custom settings' The Action should be deleted from the SMS Admin Page. The Action is not available in SMS Admin Page.
3 Edit Action 1.If you want to edit a single record click on the related edit icon. 2.If you want to edit multiple records at once click on the ‘Edit All’ button. After clicking on the button edit the field value and save. The edited fields should be visible with the updated data. The fields got updated with the new data.