How to Create a Campaign Group Message


Salesforce users have the ability to group contacts into campaign lists. User will send a variety of communications to the contacts in the list and will evaluate the effectiveness of their contact efforts. This will simplify the process users must go through to send SMS messages to a list of individuals. Users can send messages to campaign members from the campaign record page. All the campaign members related to the campaign member are shown. User can select which campaign members to send message to then after typing the message on the message box, user can send message to those selected campaign members.

  1. Select the Action
  2. Write the message to be sent.
  3. Select All Or Select the specific recipients.
  4. Search bar to find Campaign member.

Smoke Test

SL# Use Cases Steps to Test Test Cases Expected Result Actual Result
1 Send group Message

1. Choose the Action from the Action Picklist.

2. Using the search bar or select All checkbox or individual checkbox, I selected 5 members.

3. Using the input box type:”Hello,everyone”.

4. Click Send to send the messages to the selected members.

After clicking on the Send button a set of 5 related record gets created with the selected members data. Five related records should be created Five related records got created for the contact