Creating a Case for an SMS


Whenever a user sends a message and the message gets delivered to the below link a case gets created with the message received and gets linked to the contact from which the message was received. It returns a json with the newly created caseId and case number.

URL : /services/apexrest/smsToCase

JSON to be sent from Workbench:

"message_Body": "Test SMS creation-5/9/2019 5:02pm",
"subject":"smsToCase - 5/9/19 at 5:02pm",
"description":"Create support ticket via smsToCase for testing in QA environment to verify message record with contact name "

In the database it will create a case with parent Account and Contact and case origin as SMS.

  1. One can see the received message with the number it came from.
  2. Write the message to send to the number displayed in the message.
  3. You can choose the Action to send message.

Smoke Test

SL# Use Cases Steps to Test Test Cases Expected Result Actual Result
1 Send messages to Case from Workbench Below are the received values: ANI:’+17685310975′, message_Body:’Hello’ subject:Test subject, description:test for subject and description After receiving the values a case is created with the contact related to phone number and the account related to the contact and a related record for sms gets created. A case should be created with account and contact and the message should display in the chat box. A case got created with account and contact value and a related record got created and message got displayed in the chatBox.