How to Download Dashboard Data

There are three main ways to download Dashboard data – at the Dashboard level, the widget level, and at the explore level.

Downloading at the Dashboard Level

Click the Settings gear icon near the top-right of the Dashboard to see the menu. To download a PDF of the Dashboard, click Download as PDF… from the menu. To download all the data in widget separated CSV data displayed as table charts, click Download as CSV. You are taken to another window as your data downloads.

Note: If pop-up blockers are enabled, you may not see the new window.

Downloading at the Widget Level

To download a specific widget’s data, as opposed to all widget data shown above, click the Menu Tree icon (three dots) at the top of the widget you wish to download. The data downloads as table charts specific to the widget.

Downloading from an Explore

To open the Explore window, click a piece of data you wish to view inside of a widget. Click Download Results at the top of the Explore window.

Inside the Download window, you can select how you would like the data to be formatted as follows:

  1. In the File Format section, you can select the format for the file you want to download (TXT (tab-separated values), Excel Spreadsheet, CSV, JSON, HTML, or Markdown).
  2. Under Results, select if you would like the data as displayed in the Explore Table, or formatted as a table chart as shown in the widgets.
  3. Next, select the Values as formatted or unformatted. For example, 20.009 is an unformatted value compared to a two-digit format of 20.01.
  4. In the Limit section, you can limit the number of rows under the Custom setting or download all of the results from the table.
  5. In the Filename text box, you can change the name of the file to your liking.