Publish a Campaign

Use this endpoint to make a campaign active and ready to be run or available for scheduling.

Note: A campaign can only be run via API if it is in Published status.

Endpoint and Methods

POST /_rest/v2/campaigns/:id/action


  • Campaign Id


Required field:

  • action

Sample Request

“action”: “publish”

Sample Responses

Code 200 Response

Response code 200 returns a boolean value of true indicating that the campaign is published successfully.

Code 401 Response

Response code 401 returns an error that the authorization token is invalid.

Code 404 Response

Response code 404 returns a message of not found if the campaign Id is wrong in the parameter.

Code 422 Response

Response code 422 returns a message that the required parameters are missing, or if the action field is missing, empty, or invalid.

Code 500 Response

Response code 500 returns an error when trying to publish the campaign.